private portraits

I work in Berlin and the Netherlands and like to travel.


I love photographing creative maternity portraits, anything that can be different, fun and out of the box!


My focus is on taking authentic photos that fit your personality. It’s important for me to create a nice atmosphere in which you feel relaxed and beautiful. We can photograph on location or in the comfort of your own home. I work spontaneously and like to improvise, and can photograph almost anywhere. If you like to read some testimonials, or want to buy a gift voucher, follow this link.



Grace has a fear of open water and the creatures it is home to. Someone tried to drown her when she was a child and her relationship to water was never really the same since then. When she pitched her concept, I had no idea this was her reality. Who knew fear could look so beautiful?!



M.T. Giddings is an artist/performer from Indiana and we met at a festival. He was only in Berlin for 1 weekend and asked me to make portraits of him in the streets of Berlin, with the focus on colours, patterns and textures.



I received a request from Tara who had a deep desire to be photographed with a large snake. She thought this was probably impossible, but after some research we ended up with Johnny Reptile. I got his permission to build a small photo set between the terrariums and we had an amazing day!
Nothing seems impossible if you dare to ask.



I met Daniel in one of my Pop Up photo studios, where he showed up wearing a kilt. We clicked immediately and many fun photoshoots followed.

Jelena and Pepi


I sold a portrait voucher to Jasmina, which was a gift for her wife for Christmas. When we finally took the photos, it turned out that Jelena is a big bird lover and she was hoping one of her wild parakeets would join her in the photo. It took a while but with a bunch of patience and luck we managed to get Pepi in the picture.



Harvey Rabbit is a transgender filmmaker whose goal is to queer the universe and make the world a safer place for people of all genders. We know each other through Facebook and after our first photo meeting, we started collaborating more often. For example; me doing set photography for Harvey’s Captain Faggotron Saves The Universe.