creative portraits

Jelena and Pepi

I had a very fun and relaxed home shooting with those beauties! Pepi the bird was a bit shy in the beginning but she definitely opened up. Photos were taken because of a gift voucher, which was bought as a present. If you also want one, just send me an email.


Who knew that fear could look so beautiful?
Someone tried to drown me when I was a child and my relationship to water was never really the same since then. I did competitive swimming, I wanted to be a mermaid, I loved dolphins. But I have a fear of open water and the creatures it is home to.

When I pitched this concept to Marga she had no idea this was my reality. I’m eternally grateful for her patience and playful spirit during this shoot. I never thought my fear could look so mesmerizing or ethereal.



portraits of writer and story coach Brenda van Es.

Katy in Hasenheide

free work, part of an ongoing series.

Bubble Dance Event

During the pandemic, dancers and musicians gathered together out of a common need, to practice and performing. Every week at a different location in Berlin (and also in Brussels and Bologna).
In times of no perspective, this is what keeps us standing‘.


with Daniel.

Wedding gift

portrait photoshoot as a wedding gift for Beate and Erik.


I made portraits of filmmaker Harvey Rabbit a transgender filmmaker whose goal is to queer the universe and make the world a safer place for people of all genders.

Creative portrait

of Michael who runs a web agency.

Author picture

photos of comic artist and illustrator Joris Bas Backer for his new graphic novel Küsse für Jet. 


portraits of Kendra Valentine. She is a story strategist and helps businesses & institutions to communicate the value they provide through a method she calls strategic story design.

Book cover

Cover photos for ‘Learning German (badly)’ by British writer and director Tim Luscombe.

Press photos

of musician Illute.

Press photos

of my friends and punk duo Dead Kittens.

Creative portrait

of Wolfgang aka der Kaiser.


I made a photoserie for an ice cream shop, with my friends and random people from the street as models.

Creative portraits

of dancers for the website of dance school TanzTangente.