flying dildos

On one of my last days in my Pop Up photo studio at Kunsthaus KuLe (Dec 26, 2016) in Mitte, I wanted to leave on time because I was invited for a Christmas dinner with friends. Just before closing time, a young couple showed up and asked if they could be photographed. They had walked by before and really wanted creative portraits of themselves. I was already closing the studio and asked them to come back the next day. But they would be leaving Berlin for holidays and this was really the very last chance to take the photos. I hesitated and thought of my friends who were waiting for me. Then they told me they already had an idea and started giggling. It turned out, he was a designer of sextoys and they thought it would be funny to do something with it. That of course changed my mind and I was curious to see what would happen. We agreed to do a very short and quick shoot, so I opened my studio and he went home to pick up the sextoys.

Meanwhile, as I was setting up my light, she told me about her traditional Chinese family and how they coped with their Western lifestyle. Within 10 minutes, the guy was back with a blue Ikea bag full of dildos! We went through the bag giggling and laughing. I picked out the most colorful ones, which seemed the most visually appealing to me. First we put a dildo with a suction cup on the guy’s bald head, which made him look a bit like a unicorn. The next day he sent me a selfie, smiling and with a big bruise on his forehead, oops…

I found the contrast of her classic Chinese beauty and the colorful sextoys very interesting and I came up with the idea of having the dildos flying around her head. She had to look very serious into the camera while he threw the dildos at her. That turned out to hurt quite a bit, so he had to throw them in the air in front of her. Lucky enough, we got a good shot very quickly. And again the feeling in my stomach told me that this might become an all time favourite. We said goodbye and with a 30 minute delay I arrived at Christmas dinner with a very funny story and some great photos.