creative business portraits

I enjoy bringing creativity into portraiture for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and companies. 

A time-saving option which can take place during your working day. I build a space-efficient pop up studio in your office, home, or another location of your choice.


Prints & Poster company Kuriosis


Kuriosis wanted creative portraits of their staff. During a normal working day, I managed to photograph them all individually in a fun and spontaneous photo shoot.

Dance school TanzTangente


TanzTangente invited me to create a pop up photo studio in their dance school, to make portraits of all the lovely dancers and performers who are part of their company.

4 hand massage


Unique, intimate and anonymous, that was the mission for this client.



Examples of commissions are portraits for website, press photos, book and album covers, marketing shots of your latest products.



I take time with individuals in the comfort of their own home or wherever they feel most relaxed. My headshot offering is for those who need time to relax in front of the camera and for those who want something more than the standard.