Stories behind the photos.


We met at Baumhaus; a sustainable innovation lab and event space, around the corner from my temporary studio in Wedding. It was right before the first lockdown.

May and I had an interesting conversation about death. She told me she has a dark side and used to cut herself. Apparently that was necessary. Now she lives near a crematorium. ‘Can you smell that?’, a friend asked her. May wants to be filled with corn after her death, so she turns into popcorn as soon as she’s cremated. Will that scare the people who work there? We laughed at the idea. I told her about the photo series ‘What Remains‘ by Sally Mann; photos of rotting corpses on a body-farm.

“Death is not an end, nature goes on doing its work long after the body has become a carapace.” – Sally Mann


text and making-of-photo by Enrique G de la G.

Growing up with an absent father was not easy for Kamil, so he struggled all his life to turn that fate around. “I’m not the perfect father, but I do my best to be with my daughter,” he says. His eyes show some signs of sorrow, but when he talks about his daughter, they explode in bright joy. He usually sits at a Späti and looks forward to meeting his daughter. Because of the borderline personality disorder, his upper body is full of scars that he has inflicted himself. Life would be different if he hadn’t been sick.

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