About me

My name is Marga van den Meydenberg and I am a Dutch photographer. I completed my study with a Bachelor in Media Art and Photography at the Art Academy in Groningen (NL). After my study I started to document social reportages, organized photography projects at schools and was a mentor at the Fotoacademie in Rotterdam.

Since 2012 I spend a lot of my time in Berlin. In the beginning, I worked outdoors, capturing funny moments of everyday streetlife. This evolved naturally into organising Pop-Up photo studios, to interact directly and spontaneously with people on the street.

I strongly believe that every human being is unique and therefore a work of art.

If you want to work with me just write me an email: meydenberg@gmail.com

I’m happy to hear from you! ❤️ Marga

“Fixing instances of happy chaos and mirthful chance, Marga’s work celebrates the freakery of the every-day and the weirdness at the heart of the normal.” Tim Luscombe, British writer and director.

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