Sein und Schein : Pluralität und Identität

a digital slideshow with a selection of my Pop Up portraits was part of a group exhibition about Identity. Organized by FOTOHAUS Berlin at Kunst- und Projekthaus Torstrasse 111 in Berlin, October 2022.

more photos and reels about the exhibition on my Instagram

Pop Up Fotostudio – Everyone is unique

In 2015, I launched the first of what would become a series of Pop Up Photo Studios in different parts of Berlin, to interact directly and spontaneously with people on the street. The portraits filled the window of the temporary studio I was working in, capturing the beauty each individual brought to these unplanned photo shoots and creating an ad hoc exhibition. Since then I have photographed over 800 people in 11 temporary photo studios, each for 1 month and located in a different district of Berlin. Since 2019, I have also been organising Pop Up studios abroad and at festivals and events.

The plan is to make a book out of this series.

You can find more photos from my Pop Up series here.