other projects


We are surrounded by architecture, but we often ignore how it is planned and built. How does a drawing evolve into a construction? The site-specific performances of UNMEASUREMENT investigate this process.


Film set photography – BTS

When I made portraits of Harvey Rabbit he asked me if I wanted to do set photography for his first feature film. “Captain Faggotron Saves the Universe” is a campy fantasy film about internalized homophobia, the tyranny of the closet and fear of a gay planet. (Release date 2022.)

Dance Event

During the pandemic, dancers and musicians gathered together out of a common need, to practice and performing. Every week at a different location in Berlin.

In times of no perspective, this is what keeps us standing‘.

#Bubble Dance Event

Kids projects

EMO MEMO-MOTION a dance-photo-film project with children of the Charlotte-Pfeffer-Schule (focus on intellectual development).


A personal analog project about women with breast cancer, supported by foundation Volkskracht (2004-2008).