maternity photoshoot Berlin

If you are looking for something different!

A creative, unique and above all fun maternity photoshoot, at your home or on location in Berlin. If you have any questions or you want to book an appointment, just write me an email:

I also sell gift vouchers, which of course is the perfect pregnancy gift 😉


November 2020, Berlin.

“One look at Marga’s website and it’s clear she has a natural talent for capturing uniqueness and personality. This is exactly what I was looking for when I got my heart set on finding someone to take pictures of me and my belly during my first pregnancy. I nearly gave up because any Google search for maternity photographers returns a slew of cheezy and boring pictures. Luckily, I stumbled upon Marga’s work in a Facebook thread calling out local Berlin artists. She was quick to respond to my request with a fair price and flexibility around scheduling. What I loved most about working with Marga is that the shoot was quite spontaneous resulting in photos that far exceeded what I thought was possible given the little resources I had on hand (we took the photos in my dining room with just a few pieces of clothes from my closet and some house plants). She offered advice and direction when needed but otherwise, she just let me do my thing. I will cherish these photos and remain forever grateful to have found someone as special and kind as Marga. :)”


February 2021, Berlin.

“Book Marga if you are looking for a super creative, self love supporting and most importantly fun photo shooting with amazing out of the box outcomes. I got a pregnancy photo shooting with her as a birthday gift. First, I found the idea of creating memories of this special time in life nice, but hadn’t done something like that before. I only knew professionally shot pregnancy photos that rather scared me because they are not authentic at all to me. I couldn’t imagine myself doing this. But Marga gave me lots of input before the shooting and together we thought of motives that would work for me. During the shooting she created such a nice atmosphere that I lost all my shyness and we worked very spontaneously and intuitively. In the end I even bought more photos than planned because I really could see myself in them and felt super beautiful.”